03 good reasons to visit the United States

Visiting the United States is the desire of many travel lovers. Indeed, many are the elements that make this destination a unique setting in the world. You will find out here three good reasons to visit the United States.

The Memorial Park

Memorial Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. It was opened in 1924 and covers an area of 6 km2. It has a golf course. Its course rating is 73 and its slope rating is 122. It should be noted that the golf course was thought by John Bredemus. The park also has facilities for tennis, softball, swimming, croquet, volleyball, soccer, rugby and a running course estimated at 5 km. Everything you need for a fun visit. At the edge of the paths that go deep into the woods, a botanical garden is spread over an area of more than 60 hectares. A godsend for nature lovers and cyclists.

City of Angels

Hollywood. The giant of the film industry has made its nest here, making Los Angeles one of the American megalopolises where celebrities and ordinary people easily mix. Isn't that reason enough to go there! In any case, this city can offer you strong and unforgettable moments. And if you feel like taking a walk, go to Hollywood Boulevard to discover more than 2,621 movie stars on the Walk of Fame.

The White House, the Capitol, the Statue of Liberty!

The chances that a visit to the most famous monuments in the United States will make you feel out of place are slim. On the other hand, it is the opportunity for you to go and meet these monuments that have made you dream many times in Hollywood productions. First destination, the White House which remains one of the most important constructions in the country. Then, a trip to Washington to the Capitol where the members of the Senate are seated. In New York, you will discover the famous Statue of Liberty that will not fail to intimidate you.









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