Nigeria, good or bad for tourism?

Located in West Africa, Nigeria is not only rich with its 152 million inhabitants. It also has assets that make this neighboring country of Benin a good choice for your next summer vacation. If you're wondering if Nigeria is a great tourist destination, we give you some reasons in this article.

What is the climate in Nigeria?

The climate is a determining factor in our various tourist choices. In Nigeria, the advantage is to be in a tropical climate that turns in the 28 °C. Even if it fluctuates according to the seasons and becomes dry as we go up the country, it is the adequate temperature for a small tourist trip. Between April and September, there is often a long rainy season in the country. In the south, rain and heat dominate with a wet season between March and November.

However, the humidity decreases in December until January, thanks to the harmattan which makes the atmosphere dry. Therefore, December to March makes an interesting window for a little tourism in the country. The temperature is at its mildest.

What can tourists visit in Nigeria?

To do tourism in a country, it is necessary to know what to visit. In Nigeria, you will see the parks of Yankari, Gashaka and Cross River which preserve African wildlife worthy of safari movies. An accomplished hiker should not miss the Jos Plateau and the Mandara and Shebshi Mountains. It should be noted that the Niger Delta is a must-see for its ecosystem if you want to do tourism in Nigeria.

Nigeria also has a geological curiosity which is none other than the Zuma Rock. To this long list, we can add the city of Kano which is built of dried mud. Its constructions, more than a thousand years old, carry a rather curious history. There is also a sacred forest called Osun-Oshogbo dedicated to the Yoruba. Nigeria has not only one, but several reasons to let yourself be tempted by a visit in the meanders of its history.










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