How to dress as a tourist in a hot country?

To be a tourist, it is not enough to put on slippers and put on a t-shirt or a blazer. It is important to consider the climate of your destination so that your clothes suit the need you will meet. What should a tourist wear in a country where summer prevails? We offer you some advice here.

Opt for cotton clothes

To dress as a tourist in a country where summer prevails, it is necessary to prefer clothes that are made of cotton. Indeed, cotton clothes are more pleasant in times of heat and coolness. They offer you a comfort that they draw from the softness of the material of manufacture. They also prevent you from sweating too much.

Wearing canvas pants for hiking

In the summer period, it is sometimes beneficial to avoid pants that are too waterproof or even shorts that are too short. Thus, he should wear very light canvas pants or jeans. They are essential and allow tourists not to be too exposed to the sun. These pants protect against small infections and are very comfortable for hiking.

Prefer T-shirts with sleeves

In hot weather, a sleeved shirt will always fit better than a long-sleeved one. But to protect yourself from certain infections such as hepatitis and mosquito bites in tropical areas, it is crucial to wear sleeved shirts.

Wear a good pair of light shoes

Unless you can stand the heat, it's important to opt for lightweight shoes. These are generally all-purpose shoes that allow you to hike long distances. For example, you can wear Salomon shoes which are very good in terms of quality and price. This can protect you from injury as well as save you from the heat.

There are many ways for a tourist to dress in a hot country. It is still preferable for him to choose light clothing, but which covers the body completely.